Migrating my Wordpress blog to Ghost

So, I decided to migrate my Wordpress blog to the Ghost platform. No reason really. I've never had a ton of traffic, but the Wordpress site had just gotten boring. I had it running on a Godaddy hosting plan, and had recently been receiving emails on a fairly regular basis »

Setup Git Server on a Synology NAS

As my web development hobby has slowly started to become professional, there have been a whole host of things I’ve needed to dive into.  The latest has been learning version control.  So, to that end, I setup a git server on my Synology NAS.  I have a DS413j running »

Setup Nginx reverse proxy server on Core Solo Mac mini

So, I’ve been learning the Laravel framework, and I needed a proxy server to allow outside access.  I have a few different projects going.  Most of them are personal projects, but a couple required that they be accessible from the outside.  This was the motivation to set up an »

Learning PHP

I’ve been diving in to learning PHP lately. I’ve had a hard time coming up with a reason to post something new.  Most of my other posts have been practical problems I’ve faced, or little code snippets.  The process I’ve gone through, starting to learn PHP »

Install VMWare Tools in Ubuntu Server 12.04

Every time I install a new Ubuntu VM, I find myself searching for that simplest method to install VMWare tools in Ubuntu Server 12.04. I always end up here for my answer. I just decided to keep it here for my own reference. So, after choosing “Install VMWare Tools »