Setup Git Server on a Synology NAS

04 Feb
Git Logo

As my web development hobby has slowly started to become professional, there have been a whole host of things I’ve needed to dive into.  The latest has been learning version control.  So, to that end, I  setup a git server on my Synology NAS.  I have a DS413j running DSM 4.3 as of this writing. Synology […]

Learning PHP

16 Aug
PHP MySQL logo

So, I’ve been diving in to learning PHP lately. I’ve had a hard time coming up with a reason to post something new.  Most of my other posts have been practical problems I’ve faced, or little code snippets.  The process I’ve gone through, starting to learn PHP, doesn’t really lend itself to the same kind […]

Install VMWare Tools in Ubuntu Server 12.04

17 Mar

Every time I install a new Ubuntu VM, I find myself searching for that simplest method to install VMWare tools in Ubuntu Server 12.04. I always end up here for my answer. I just decided to keep it here for my own reference. So, after choosing “Install VMWare Tools” for the particular VM in your […]

Postfix configuration for Opsview Core

13 Feb

I’ve been using Opsview Core to keep an eye on various network resources for a while now.  I never really bothered to setup the notification system because, honestly, my phone acts as the notification system.  Recently, however, the boss has asked to get email notifications about certain things after hours.  Okay, so I needed to […]

Remotely enable Remote Desktop

31 Jan

We’ve got an old 2003 server at a remote location.  It’s been running fine.  I happened to be there the other day, and figured I ought to log in and check it out.  There’s no built-in VGA, but it had an old PCI card for a VGA connection.  It seemed to have gone bad.  No […]

My first ESX build and VM migration

08 Jan

So, we had this old server at work doing nothing.  I mean really… it was on, and had an Ubuntu OS installed on it, but it was just running, doing nothing.  I’d always wanted to try my hand at building a bare metal ESX server, but I could never get past ditching the high performance […]